Scope diameter is 0.236 inches and articulates 4 ways

4-Way Articulating Flexible Fiber Optic Scope

  • Scope is 36 inches long, has a 70 degree field of view, and built in illumination
  • Comes with right angle attachment, batteries, padded case, and 1 year warranty

This 4-way articulating flexible fiber scope is intended for SWAT, contraband inspection in walls and vehicles, and is perfect for search and rescue operations. This articulating fiber optic scope delivers high resolution viewing with 10,000 fiber elements built inside a non-obtrusive diameter of 0.236 inches. It articulates 4-ways (120 deg. and 180 deg) and has its own built-in illumination. Fiber optic scope has a length of 36 inches, has a 70 degree FOV, and is waterproof. The flexible scope comes with a right-angle attachment, batteries and a padded carrying case.

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